Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Meet Amaka Nedolisa combination of Beauty, Brains and Talent...

Amaka Nedolisa is an Actress and Model. She is a native of Nnewi North LGA of  Anambra State, Nigeria. She holds a B.A French from the Abia State University, Abia State.
Amaka came into the industry in 2005 and featured in a couple of productions like End of Discussion, Different World and left to concentrate on other things, she returned back to the industry fully in 2012 and has been part of a lot of productions like B4 30, Four Crooks, Bad Brillance, Green Grass, Julia, The Rage, 9:15 e.t.c.
She has been part of several modelling jobs both for fashion shows, photography and TVCs for companies like Cadbury, Standard Chartered Bank, Nigerian Breweries, Skye Bank, Airtel (Zain), Supee Spice, e.t.c.
Amaka has only been in the industry for a very short time and she has done considerable very well for her self and is always ready for work whenever she is called upon, she is a very pretty, intelligent and classy young lady that has a way of drawing attention unconsciously.
Amaka is the kind of lady that you wouldn't see coming because she passes across like a calm and quite person but don't be surprised when you see her at the top because she will get there sooner than you think...Wink

Amaka on set for a short film titled THE RAGE

working on the set of THE RAGE 

on set for a BAD BRILLANCE

Amaka busy on set for her most recent production

Amaka with her fellow Actors on location

Amaka on set for a 9:15


Amaka on the set of a feature film titled FOUR CROOKS


  1. God is good o!! U go girl!

  2. Amaka may God continue to bless..weldone girlfriend!

  3. Nollywood material..Genevieve nnaji in the making *wink*..u go girl!

  4. Very talented, beautiful and hard working lady. Right from school i knew you had it in you! The sky is your spring board... :)

  5. Aww thanks guys!...u all are very kind..i appreciate! XoXo + d one from 'my school' ... thank u so much!XXX

  6. Hi Amaka,

    I was drawn by the uncommon surname. I once knew and deeply loved someone with the same surname and it can't be coincidence that you're both from the same area!

    If you are indeed related to her, then I can proudly say,"Well done!". Beauty and Brains! It seems talent runs in your family...my friend sang like an angel,you act like a hollywood star!

    My name is Ifeoma.

  7. Thank u so much Ifeoma...n u feel like an angel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...

  8. Proud of u Amy dear. Beauty, Brains and the heart of an Angel u've got. Weldone Judith! keep dis excellent work going.

    Mary Brandy

  9. Really nice Amakz, keep up d steam gurl.