Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Meet the OKENWA'S...A family with unimaginable talents and skills...

When i received this family's profile i was confused as to how to really write about them, if i should profile them individually or as a family because there are all individually next rated stars! But decided to profile them as a family so people can read and know we also have families here in Nigeria that both the mother and children are hardworking actors we have seen this in the Amata's family too but why am amazed with this particular family is how young the kids got into acting and have been consistent since then, not 1 not 2 but 3 beautiful, amazing, hardworking and talented children...Enough of the talking, let me introduce you to the Okenwa's...lol
Onyinye Okenwa hails from Enugu State, Nigeria and holds a degree in Food Science & Technology form the Institute of Management and Technology(IMT), Enugu, a Certificate in Acting from Wale Adenuga's PEFTI in 2007, a Speech Course from Ultimate Movie Academy in 2009 and she studied Directing in 2012,   she took a course in 2011 at FRCN for Presentation and is presently undergoing a Photography training!!! i would have to pause and scream woooooooooow...This just goes to show how Passionate she is of her craft and the extent she would go to train herself and be ready to take on whatever is thrown at her because she is well equipped for the job.
Nyny as she is popularly called joined the industry in 2008, she has featured in Disclosure, Champions of our Time, Household, Musical Whispers, Kukere Babes, The Error, Clinic Matters, Together, Footprints, Undercover, House-Apart, Lekki Wives, Mama Africa, Every Woman, God of Shilo just to mention but a few...
Nyny is blessed with 3 wonderful children loaded with talents and we would talk about them from the 1st to the last child. Her first child is a beautiful girl named Chidera Okenwa she is in Senior Secondary School 1, a science student that is passionate about being a Surgeon, She acts and model as a hobby but has so far done so well for herself in acting and modelling, she started modelling at the age of 8, her first modelling job was a TV commercial where she was the lead character for Anapuna salt. Chidera has since featured in several TV series and movies like: The Benjamins, Kidnappers, Household, Crack in the wall, Musical Whispers, Together, Champions of our Time e.t.c...Chidera if you have ever seen her, the very first thing you will notice is her captivating ,charming and welcoming smile, no wonder she won the Middle Charming Princess 2010 Nigeria and represented Nigeria in Turkey in 2012 for the Charming Kids Pageant. Chidera is a fast rising talent that must be watched out for not just in Nigeria but the world.
Nyny's second child is named Victor Okenwa and he is 10yrs old. He started acting at the age of 6 and he is  still a very active kid actor. He hopes to be a Nollywood Actor or a Footballer in future well he is already a Nollywood Actor...wink...Victor has proven he is born to be an actor as he always displays his unimaginable and unbelievable skills in every job he has featured in both modelling and acting job he was born ready to do this no doubt... Victor has stared in various Tv series, movies and Tv commercial like; 2 Sides of a Coin, Meet the Neighbors, So wrong so Wright, Tonye's diary, Tendencies, God of Shilo, Household, Musical Whispers, Lekki Wives e.t.c...He is currently the face in the harmattan Dettol advert with Kehinde Bankole on TV...Watch out for this one, he has so much to offer and he only just started...
The baby of the house Chisom Okenwa is 7yrs old, he has a flair for computer and due to that he was sent to learn the act of editing at the age of 6...pardon me i need to pause and scream again!!! wooooooooooow! Chisom is training to be the youngest editor in Nigeria! He started acting at 2yrs old and has taken part in several productions like Mama Africa, Kidnappers, Richie, Gold, Musical Whispers, The Wounded Mother, just to mention but a few...
Omg! it so much fun writing about a family with so much talents, skills, passion and love for what they all love doing Acting...I guess you wouldn't need me to say the Okenwa's are taking over the industry and are sure a force to reckon with, if from this young age they are doing so well, imagine them in the nearest future...
I love this family, they are so blessed and i bet you will too after reading about them...Feel like going on and on but i have to stop so i don't bore you if i can...One thing you must learn from this family is to try and observe your children, help them develop whatever skills you notice they have from a young age and you will forever be a happy parent...I wouldn't be surprised if they start their own show someday called MEET THE OKENWA'S...Wink


Nyny Okenwa

Chidera Okenwa

Victor Okenwa

Chisom Okenwa

The Okenwa's Thespians 

Miss Charming Smile

Okenwa's talented kid actors

Chidera in the Benjamins

Nyny in Clinic Matters

Like mother like daughter: Beautiful smile and loaded with talents and intelligence 

Victor on set for the Dettol TV Commercial

Nyny and her handsome talented sons

Victor doing what he loves doing

Chisom doing his thing

Wonderful and blessed children


  1. This is very motivating. Wish every family will emulate this lady. Keep up the good work NYNY

  2. This is a case of "keeping up with the Okenwa's" n "mommy knows best"..they should have a reality show Lol..thankGod for this very talented family!..may the good Lord take them far..IJN..Amen!