Monday, 7 January 2013

Meet Georgina Ibeh, an Actress you have to watch out for...

Georgina Ibeh hails from Imo State, Nigeria. She is a final year student at the Federal Polytechnic in Owerri, studying Public Administration.
Gina as she is fondly called came into the industry in 2007 and she has featured in several TV series and movies like Superstory, The Benjamins, 2sides of a coin, The Patriot, College Boys, National Crisis, Kukere babes, Blackberry Babes, Bella's Place, About to Wed, This Life, Private Storm, God of Shiloh, Love and Lust, e.t.c...
Gina is an actress that has a way of breaking through any producer or director because she is loaded with talents,she doesn't need you to break and put her into character as she will already wear her role like a garment and deliver it in a way that she must be applauded. Aside from the fact that she is a pretty young lady that has an impeccable dress sense and a dimple to die for when she smiles, She is really good at what she does, she loves acting and her passion for it shows whenever she is called upon to perform, she is always ready to put efforts and carry all her roles in an outstanding manner.
Gina is an Actress to watch out for because she is heading fast to the top and you better be ready for her when she gets there...Wink

On set for THIS LIFE
Gina as a Princess in THIS LIFE


Four Crooks Location

Gina on set for THE BENJAMINS
Gina busy working on set


  1. Oyeeaah! I so love dis actress, she's has lots to offer ndd she interpretes her roles well. Am a big fan of her.... Pineyes

  2. A charming lady indeed. Up, up and up she's going...

  3. Gina Gina... The sky is indeed your start, keep up the good work. See you on top