Friday, 25 January 2013

Tinsel best Couple tied the Knot in real life today...So koool

Today our favorite Tinsel Couple Ene and Chuks made it official to become real life Couple after over 6 years of being together on TV...This is the sweetest thing i have heard in years...Florence Uwaleke and Ike Okechukwu tied the knot today which happens to be Florence's birthday and i think they made history to be first Nigerian Tv couple to get married in real life need to confirm that though...Hehehe...wink
JAB says a big congratulationssssssssssss to the newest couple in town, we wish them a blissful and wonderful marital life and may the Lord bless their Union...Sweet Couple i must say...Love them so much

Tinsel Wedding Ene and Chuks

Real Life Wedding Florence and Ike

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