Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Meet Chucks Chyke an actor that knows his worth and always ready to dig deep and interpret any role he gets to the best of his ability

Chukwuemeka Chibuikem Okoroafor popularly known as Chucks Chyke is an Actor. He hails from Abia State, Nigeria and hold a degree in Economics from the University of Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria and a Diploma in Acting.
Chucks has shown interest in acting right from his elementary primary school days as he was always fond of writing scripts and working on stage. He had his first major movie break in 2000 when he was spotted by one of Nollywood's finest trainers Mr Ben and Henry Farouk Ike while in a rehearsal for a movie titled 'The Patriot' in Aba, Chucks played the role of a man with determination and exceptional skills. 
His acting kicked off after he took several professional training with a dream and desire to bring Hollywood to Nollywood and he has never looked back or regretted his actions. He has since featured in several Nollywood blockbusters which includes : Strive, Broken, The Patriots, Breaking Secrets, Okoro ima nmi, The Kings Blood, Passion of the King, Soccer, When Love Dies, Spider, The Kingdom, Blueflames, Learning Curves, Covert Operations just to mention but a few...
Chucks Chyke is an actor that knows his worth and onions, he is easy going but a firm person, he is fun loving but purpose driven, he doesnt settle for less, he is very disciplined and positive minded always ready to dig deep and give his best not leaving his well toned and handsome looks to do all the work for him, he is respectful, humble, and always stays out of trouble by keeping himself busy improving himself and focusing on the journey to stardom ahead of him...
He loves to write, share ideas, body build, play badminton and draw, he is very adventurous.
Chucks Chyke is one of the premier choices for playing challenging roles in Nollywood movies as prescribed and recommended by present day blockbusters film Directors like PAPEL, Mr. HOLYWOOD,WONDER BRIGHT, BEN WILLIAMS,TOPE ALAKE e.t.c.


  1. Chucks loves excellence n is also very passionate about whatever he does...D Sky is ur starting point Dude,U're limitless.

    1. I fell in love with the way he interpretes his role after watching broken.

  2. Chyke i ve always known u for ur humility...keep it up u re the best.

  3. This guy is unoreditable. Boom!!! That's the ideal description of chuckschykiiii

  4. Wow........chucks, keep it up

  5. victor vee lionel23 May 2013 at 05:01

    The sky is ur starting point bro..I always knew u will make us proud..keep it up..may d good lord take u to d climax of Nollywood and to the apex of hollywood..I trust ur hard work..God's blessing dear Cozin..iyke vee

  6. Chuks you re flying baby, u give mi that inspiration I need to come out of my shell and face my true love which is acting.thank you for making dis profession enviable.looking foward to that set with you I m sure it will be wow! Lots of love.

  7. Chucks...Next Biggest hit in nollywood...watch out...

  8. Very humble and promising actor...

  9. Chucks......wow so speechless.well words are not enough to describe how spirited u can be when acting,bringing passion to roles given to u.keep it up

  10. My Brother and my friend. We can only imagine; but the truth is that eyes haven't seen, neither have ears heard where God is taking You. You're a big shot. Keep it up Bruv! I Love You Bruv