Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Meet Dorothea Kwofie a young lady that has trained herself well and can always hold her ground as an Actor or Special Effects Artist

Dorothea Kwofie is an Actor, Special effect/Makeup artist, Entrepreneur. She is born to a Ghanaian father and a Nigerian Mother From Akwa Ibom State..
She is the C.E.O of Golliwog Productions and the Creator of Guess the AD. When she is not working at a location she will be busy making up brides for their weddings or planning events.
She has been part of several productions either as an Actor or a Makeup artist, her acting jobs includes: Echoes, The President Daughter, Tinsel, Ciminal Love, Black Silhouette, Area C, Bella's Place, About to Wed, GTA, The School, Save our Souls, Bad Break, Chances, Squatters, just to mention but a few.
After she was certified a Special effect/Makeup artist in 2012 she wasted no time in getting herself into notable productions and so far she is fast becoming one of the best Special effect artist in Nollywood, she was HOD(head of department) Special effects/everyday makeup/hair for Moses Inwang's 'The last 3 digits', HOD Hair. Everyday Makeup for another Moses Inwang's directed film 'I think he Love Me'. HOD Hair/Special effect/everyday makeup for 'Four Crooks and a rookie a Gomad production film by Ugo Maduka, HOD Hair, Special effects/everyday makeup for Remi and Yemi Blaq's Production, HOD Hair styles/special effects/everyday makeup/wedding makeup in Chika Anandu's 'B for Boy', e.t.c
Dorothea strives to contribute positively to the entertainment industry in every possible way. She loves organizing events. consulting. watching movies, reading, cooking and listening to music.
She is a hardworking lady that gives in her all in whatever she has to do, as an actor she is awesome and extremely outstanding, her deliveries are always on point, she is a good listener and is always ready to learn, concentrate and improve so she can bring her best to the table, As a Special effect/makeup artist in less than a year she is close to being the name of every producers lips when they want to do a special effects movie that needs to appear real and believable, her everyday makeup is beautiful too,so she is a full package when it comes to makeup for productions...Need i say any more about this young lady loaded with such talents, intelligence, creativity, confidence and presence...
You can follow her on twitter on @Dorothea_Kwofie and FB on www.facebook.com/dorothea.Kwofie


   Some of her Special Effects Jobs...

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