Sunday, 13 July 2014

Meet Ijeoma Aniebo, a Performer Par Excellence!!!

Ijeoma Aniebo is an Actor, Writer, Dancer, Presenter, Blogger and Producer. She hails from Anambra State, Nigeria. She graduated with a B.A in English Studies from the University of Port -Harcourt. She has done acting courses from the New York Film Academy and the Kings Theatre Limited.
She made her debut as an actor from the tender age of 4. She then gave her whole to dancing and formed a dance group called 'Renegades' with which she performed throughout her University days. After graduation she quit dancing and went into TV Presenting. She moved to Lagos from Port-Harcourt in 2007 to further her career as an actor and presenter. She then took short acting courses at the New York Film Academy and the Kings Theatre Limited to hone her skills.

Ijeoma worked with HITV, the indigenous Cable TV station from inception. During that time, she anchored several shows, covered red carpet events, hosted live shows, e.t.c. The highlight of her TV presenting career so far was anchoring the live broadcast for The Experience 2009, Africa's largest live concert which was broadcasted live for 12 hours in Nigeria and the UK.
While at HITV, Ijeoma  returned to acting, starring in Nigeria's first ever Broadway-type musical, 'Oluronbi', but she realised she was going to have a hard time juggling her job and her passion. In 2012, she quit her employment and went into full time acting. That same year she wrote and co-produced two short films, 6:30pm and Drip Drop Nemesis, one of which made it to the top 20 list in the Afrinolly Short Film Competition.
In 2013, she returned to stage, starring in the production of Bobo Omotayo's 'London Life, Lagos Living' and Terrence Tyrone's play 'Private lies. She has since been part of several stage and TV productions like; Mad King of Ijudiya, Lion and the Jewel, Deadline, Hard Times, just to mention but a few...
She has a blog, titled where she writes articles, pour out her thoughts, poetry, erotica and real life situation, she also contributes to some online websites like
Ijeoma is an eclectic person who is open minded, cool and crazy, a delightful mix of an extroverted introvert, she is a very hardworking and focused young lady, digs deep and gives her all whenever she is on set.
Her personal mantras are 'Live and let live' and 'Don't let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game'...
You can reach Ijeoma Aniebo on Facebook via;
Twitter: @declectic Instagram: Declectic
Watch the short films she wrote and co-produced:6:30 -
 And an experimental film she featured in 'Hard Times' -

Ijeoma Aniebo


  1. Ijeomaaaaa pretty girl!!! Wait till u see her sistet chichi,drop dead gorgeous!!! I wish u all the best in ur entertainment path, cheers, a campus kid

  2. D sky is only ur steppin stone,kip climbing!!

  3. Go girl! #PortHarcourtPeople rock!!


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