Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Kids can act project...Register your child today, limited spots available...

Nigerian Actor, Stan Nze's Element 47 pictures presents 'The Kids can Act Project'. It is a 2 weeks acting classes for children. This is a golden opportunity to develop the skills of your talented children.
The organisers believe we have a lot of talented child actors that deserves to be groomed and this is what they had to say 'Ever wondered why we barely make generally rated films in Nollywood? Home made films that we can watch with our kids without having to ask them to shut their eyes, Filmmakers would say they are all in school! they can't even act! they are wasting our tapes! causing production downtime! bla bla boa!!! The truth is that these kids are even more talented then most of us so -called 'professionals', They deserve a chance and the time is now, Do not kill their dreams by making them believe they must become doctors or lawyers or bankers or the likes, Give their dreams a chance'
So parents like the organisers have said give your children a chance to bring their dreams to life...Register them now, limited spots available.

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