Sunday, 20 July 2014

Zainab Balogun stars in Stanlee Ohikhuare's New movie 'VERDICT'

Stanlee Ohikhuare is undeniably one of the best directors in the country right now, his attention to details, creative depth and outstanding story telling technique has given him an outstanding status, little wonder his first released web series 'Kpains' got nominated as best web series, his night of shorts where he made his story by premiering series of short films put together was a resounding success and now he has released yet another amazing movie based on a real life story about a US citizen LeVena Johnson's murder conspiracy.
Watch the movie below and read more about it via:
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Stanlee Ohikhuare

LaVena Johnson (The story is based on her)

Zainab Balogun and Stanlee Ohikhuare

Zainab Balogun


  1. thanks for posting this. The world needs to know about this story.

  2. Stan-lee of Nigeria. All his works are magical with so much attention to detail. I know of so many actors who are eager to work with him; even for free. Including me.


  3. This is not about the director; it's about LaVena. There's an opportunity to sign a petition so the case can be re-opened. Spread the word.


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