Sunday, 6 July 2014

The long wait is over!!! 'The Krystn Enem Show' is finally on TV!!!

'Change always comes from within. In order for change to be effective, there needs to be an action. No longer will the voice of the youths be muffled. IT HAS TO BE HEARD, IT HAS TO BE EXPRESSED, IT HAS TO BE SEEN. The future generation is no longer bound in chains and is about the evolution, and the evolution is here; THE EVOLUTION IS 'THE KRYSTN ENEM SHOW.
A rude awakening or a breath of fresh air, call it what you may but this is a program that targets real business of real people in a real economy. We break it down for you The child on the street has an idea, how do you turn that idea into Naira and Kobo, Dollar and Cents, Pounds and Shillings? It simplifies the transition of a hobby into a business that generates real money, while doing something you enjoy...
Watch The Krystn Enem Show on PRTV, Channel 335 on DSVT and Channel 75 on GOTV every Tuesday at 3:30pm and 10:00pm and a repeat on Saturdays at 3:30pm and 10:00pm...
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Watch the promo video below....

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  1. Happy for u dear,wish u all the best.