Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Meet Samuel Ajibola, from Best Child Actor, he is all grown now still proving to be a Master of his Craft

Samuel Ajibola is a Nigerian Actor. He hails from Ekiti State. He holds a B.SC in Political Science from the University of Lagos and a Diploma in Acting from Amaka Igwe's  Centre from Excellence in Film and Media Studies, Lagos.
He started acting from the age of 6 when he featured in Opa Williams's 'Tears for Love' which he got after wowing his aunty Mrs. Moyinoluwa Odutayo (Lead Actress in the TV series Dear Mother) in a Church performance where he played the role of the Biblical Samuel, His aunty was impressed with his performance and took him to Opa Williams who coincidentally needed a young boy in his film at that time , he interviewed him and after that Samuel landed his first role in a movie.
He was very active as a child actor between 1995 to 2003, he featured in several movies like Tears for love, Without Love, Shame, Eye-Witness, Onome 2, Days of Reckoning, Conspiracy, e.t.c, his performances was always outstanding that he won 3 awards as BEST KID ACTOR, for his performance in Eye Witness at the RHEMA Awards 1996, Onome 2 at the Reel Awards 1998, Days of Reckoning at the Reel Awards 1998.

He had to go on a very long hiatus from acting because it was beginning to affect his studies, as at 2003 he was always at a location in Enugu, Abuja, e.t.c to shoot and was never available to study and had to repeat classes so his father had to draw the line for him to finish school and can make his decisions when at the University when he can handle school and filming.
In 2009 he surfaced back featuring in Teco Benson's 'The Fake Prophet' with Grace Amah and then After his University studies he returned fully to the industry in 2012 and he has since featured in several Movies and TV productions like: Sun Eje, MTV's Shuga Nigeria, The Johnsons, Last Flight to Abuja, Keeping it Real, Richy & Gold, Don't Conceive, e.t.c
In December 2014, he won the award for BEST ACTOR at the In-Short International Short Film Festival Lagos for his role in Sun Eje. Samuel is a perfectionist, overly focused, ambitious, committed to his craft, undying passion for the love of acting.
Spiff as most people now call him due to the character he has created in the role he plays in Mnet's Comedy TV Series 'The Johnsons', Samuel says it is actually the most outstanding and defining character he has created and its so believable that 'SPIFF' has become his nickname and most of his fans think he is dumb in real life because of the way he portrays the character excellently.
He believes that what makes him unique and standout as an actor is the fact that all his idols are perfectionist and are nothing but the best the world have seen or heard of, ranging from Daniel Day-Lwis to Meryl Streep and even Johnny Depp, also the manner in which he critically create each character he becomes makes it difficult for him not to deliver and outstanding performance.
His play range is: 17 - 24, he speaks English, Nigerian Pidgin and Yoruba.
His strengths are: Method ACting, Shild & Teen Psychology. His Skills are: Swimming, driving, reading, and cooking.
You can find this amazing actor on Facebook via: https://www.facebook.com/sammieajibs
Instagram: @sammieajibz
Samuel Ajibola


  1. Wow! He is all grown now. He is done well by taking time out to complete his studies. The sky is his starting point

  2. Kai! Luv u spiff