Monday 9 March 2020

Meet Rocio de la Grana, an Actor willing to go the extra mile to bring an Character to Life...

Meet Rocio de la Grana, she is from Argentina but based in Los Angeles. She studied acting in Los Angeles Performing Arts Conservatory.
She realised she had passion more for acting after studying Filmmaking but discovered she wants to be in front of the Camera, she has always loved to perform and dance on stage as a hobby but realised she wanted to do it professionally for the rest of her life.
Her curiosity to search into how an actor becomes a character started while she was still studying to be a Filmmaker, while directing sometimes when an actor doesn't show and she has to feel in, she usually enjoys it and was also fascinated about all the preparations of the character. As a director she saw a deeper perspective in acting, and writing about the characters and their stories and she felt a strong attraction to performing, each time she had to fill in for an actor that didn't show up she always gets calls afterwards for acting and photoshoot and that was a sign that she was born for this!
It wasn't an easy decision to abandon what she was studying and pursue acting especially because of her shy nature and what others would think but after thinking about how happy it made her, she made up her mind to move to LA to pursue her dream and be a professional actor.
In 2016 she started acting professionally, when she moved to LA she got a role in a short film titled GUIGNOL, the short film is currently screening at the TX Film Festival.
She has a lot of role models, some of which includes; Emma Stone, Scarlet Johansson, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Julianne Moore, Meryl Streep, and many6 more, she like movies when women have something to tell and something to fight for, when characters has a positive change and interesting arc towards the end.
She believes she stands out from other actors because of her ability to pull different accents, she usually learns fast because she is usually very committed to every projects she does, she is very disciplined, a team player, highly professional and responsible. She has experienced a lot in life and that usually comes in handy as she can access a wide range of emotions and pull off different characters, she is a great listener, she also get inspired by her co actors because she believes in order to inspire others, you must first be inspired.
Her strong points as an actor is her ability to cry on cue, her access to a wide range of characters and emotions, she is a risk taker and is always ready to step out of her comfort zone, acting is her number 1 priority , she can connect quickly with her partners in scenes, and she adapt fast to different scenarios.
Some of her skills includes; She is bilingual, she speaks English and Spanish, Dancing, Skiing, Singing, Play guitar and has a facility to learn choreographies when it comes to physical work.
When she is not on set acting. She loves working out, dancing, hanging out with her loved ones, watching movie/ TV Shows, listening to Music, Meditating , Watching Plays, Reading or travelling.
You can reach Rocio de la Grana on social media via: Rocio De La Grana on Instagram
She her out on IMDB: Rocio de la Grana on IMDB



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