Thursday, 15 November 2012

Amaka Anioji's 'MARRIED' a must watch...

Amaka Anioji is a Multi-Award winning Actress. a screen writer and also a Producer. Amaka has so far been part of some high profile productions like Tinsel, Perception of need, Till death do us part which was the short film in which she won her 2 awards for Best Actress and Outstanding Female Act, Married a Tv series Created, Written and Produced by her e.t.c.
'MARRIED' happens to be Amaka's own personal project because she Created it, writes and produces it. It is an insightful and exciting family drama series, with unique, real-life and well thought-out, fresh per episode stories, that is designed to highlight the ups and downs, excitement, ignorance, confusion and hurt in marriages, most especially young marriages.
'MARRIED' is fast becoming a hit series receiving massive reviews all over, with a cast that gives their all and showcases impeccable performance every episode making sure they do not disappoint their viewers.
You can watch this very interesting, entertaining and educative series on TVC every Friday from 8.30pm to 9pm...Feel free to follow them on twitter @marriedtvshow and like their page on Facebook to get constant update about the program on
With beauty and brains...Amaka is sure going to be a very strong young film maker that will set a pace for other aspiring young film makers and also a very good role model.
Check out this clip on youtube and see what you have been missing...


Married Tv Series a must watch

Married Tv Series

Amaka posing with her award for 'Outstanding Female Act 2012' with Kunle Afolayan and his awards

Amaka with her award for 'Best Actress' and the team that made it happen Best Director, Tope Oshin Ogun and Best Film Yinka Ogun

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