Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Ijeoma Agu renders her audience Speechless at her One man show...

The 30 Nigeria Award winning Actress, Ijeoma Agu on the Saturday the 17th of November 2012 at 10a Events Ikoyi proved to people that it is possible to do a One Man performance and not bore your audience. This extraordinary talented young woman performed alone for 45 minutes and each time she steps out off the stage everyone wonders what she is coming to do next and that included me i made sure i didn't miss the show for anything and i was so glad i made it because i have never seen anything quite like it for a very long time and was so proud to be a thespian watching such an amazing and awesome performance from a fellow thespian loaded with raw talents.
The one-man show by a woman titled A CHRONICLE OF HEROINES from Nigerian plays was a well put together piece that one wouldn't be able to tell they were scenes from different plays and also a story she wrote herself with the help of Rita C. Onwurah and a host of others that inspired the performance. We get to follow the life of Odosun a young Nigerian woman from her youth to adulthood and as she journeys through life she takes on different persona (characters). The story follows the travails women go through in the society and how they stood strong and challenged the status quo. In retrospect, these characters were clamoring to be treated as humans with feelings and a voice. Ijeoma took on characters from Wole's Soyinka's Death and The King's Horsemen, Fred Agbeyegbe's The King Must Dance Naked, Wives Revolt by J.P Clark. The script used for the play and the additional story to make it all flow smoothly was done by Ijeoma Agu(herself) and Rita Onwurah and it was excellently put together to tell the story of Odosun, the play was directed by Olusola Roberts Iwaotan, i must also commend his directing skills, he did a very very great job.
Am sorry to say if you missed this show, you probably missed the best stage performance for this year because it was an outstanding performance and the praises and good words still lingers on the lips of those that were in attendance always sharing the experience to whoever is around them and telling people how awesome the performance was.
Attached are pictures from the show guess you would be able to see what you missed and relate to the performance. Enjoy viewing...Cheers.

Taking a bow after her outstanding one of a kind performance...

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