Saturday, 13 October 2012

E-Sidaz Boys Storming the Music Industry...

Bet you are cracking you head thinking who are these boys am talking about!!! Heard one of their track and felt like sharing and letting you know they are coming out with all they got and you better be ready...hehehe.
E-sidaz is a talented musical group made up of 3 handsome young boys from the East of Nigeria hence the name E-sidaz meaning from the East.
The group comprises of Tipsy, Da meek and Kenny pee. all graduates from Enugu State University of Science and Technology, they have been doing music since their school days. They have even worked with renowned producer like K-sole, Wizboy, Gmat to mention but a few...
These bunch of talents already have some mind blowing hit singles out to wow their expectant audience which includes: Nutty, Follow you go and Asacha.
Watch out for their debut album, they promised it would be dropping soon and i bet it is going to be a hit!!!
Click on the link below to listen to one of their singles and please share with us with you think about it.


Watch out!!!

Their manager can be reached on 08060930511. Feel free to contact him for more information about the E-sidaz. Cheers.

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