Monday, 22 October 2012

Playing with recipes (Togolese Okro)

My friend Amina had her friend Smallie over and she made her a delicious okra soup and she said it is how they make it in Togo although she call it a Togolese Okra soup with a twist and i bet you would all enjoy that twist...Wink...I really didn't find it totally different from the okra soup am used to but guess we all do have different variations of how we make our food and there is always similarities here and there the only thing i guess i do differently is i usually use Ugu leaves/Pumpkin leaves and not Efinrin/scent leaves would love to try it out next time.


  • assorted meats
  • okro
  • crabs
  • shrimps
  • pomo
  • stock fish
  • grounded crayfish
  • meat stock
  • palm oil
  • salt
  • ginger
  • chili pepper
  • sumbo
  • smoked fish/eja kika
  • efinrin leaf/scent leaf
  • maggi/seasoning


1.Cook the meat with enough seasoning to your taste.
2.Blend the ginger, chili pepper and sumbo together, don't allow it get smooth.
3. Take out the meat and drink, keep the stock. Put a pot on fire. Pour in the meat stock, the blended mixture and a little water.
4. Stir in the meat, shrimps, crabs, pomo, smoked fish, stock fish and grounded crayfish.
5. Add maggi and salt. Adjust seasoning. Add the Efinrin/scent leaf.
6. Pour in the Okro and stir if you feel its too thick add more water. Add the Efinrin/scent leaf.
7. Add palm oil not too much about 2 Tbls. Stir for about 5mins and it is ready to be served with Pounded yam, Fufu, Eba, Amala, Semovita or Wheat.

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