Sunday, 7 October 2012

On Set for 'SEEKERS'

I have been away for the past two weeks, been on set far away from home shooting a brand new Sope opera that i have no doubts would fast become one of every family's favorite because everything about it, the cast, the storyline, suspense and the wonderful crew were all on point!.
The director Yemi Remi, is the first person i have ever seen that could remain calm no matter what was happening around him and also knew how to make his artists relax and bring out the best in them, was a privilege to be on his set. I was also lucky to have several of my friends on set too, made working fun for me.
Watch out for this Sope opera and be rest assured that yours sincerely will keep you posted whenever it is set to hit our airwaves, the station and time would be made known to you in good time...wink
I hope most of you didn't starve while i was away...wink...I promise to share more delicious and easy recipes with you tomorrow. If you have prepared any of the recipes we have shared, please let us know how it turned out and if you made any modification. If u have any recipe you would love to share with us please email it to and don't forget to include pictures. Thank you and have a great day.

Able D.O.P. Gani

The Beauties on Set, Lina, Hannah Ojo, Folake and Moi

Wonderful Director Yemi Remi

On set with Hannah Ojo

On set with Hannah Ojo

On set with Adedayo Davies

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