Saturday, 22 December 2012

Compliments of the Season and Happy Holidays...

Compliments of the Season and Happy Holidays to our Wonderful JAB readers. Christmas is here again as expected every a lot of people are going gaga shopping like there is no tomorrow as usual...Gifts, new cloths, new shoes new everything.
But the question i ask today is who really deserves to get Christmas gifts is it people that get new things everyday anyway, or the people that have no means to afford any of the good things of life even as little as food to eat or cloths to wear.
I believe Christmas like every other festive season should be a time to show and share love with the less privileged, the motherless babies at the orphanages e.t.c.
So get shopping and share with the less privileged, food stuff, old cloths, shoes and books your kids dont use anymore, put a smile on their beautiful faces and their heavenly father will for sure make you smile too...
Compliments of the Season and enjoy your holidays...Cheers


  1. True words and thoughts, Christmas is a time to be generous to those less fortunate.
    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and an amazing New Year.

  2. Thank you so much Nick and i wish you all the best this season has to offer and a prosperous New Year. Cheers

  3. Merry christmas

  4. Wish you the same my friend. Cheers

  5. Compliments of the Season to all #JABers!!