Saturday, 15 December 2012

Meet Paul Utomi an Actor with an excellent 'WOW' factor...

Paul Utomi is a graduate of Economics from the Lagos State University,Lagos, he also attended Amaka Igwe's School The Center for film and video excellence where he took a course in film and television directing and he participated in the school's acting workshop in 2011.
Paul started his acting career in 2011 and has featured in several productions since then like i said in the title he is an actor that WOW factor which always earns him a very good role in whatever production he auditions for, prior to this he has been doing voice over jobs, i must admit that he has such a good voice am surprised he is not a radio personality. He has done several radio jingles for big brands like Etisalat, Seven Up, Inter-Continental Bank just to mention a few and also a lot of Radio Dramas.
Paul has featured in productions like: Heroes and Zeros, Believe, The hunt of Diamond Jones, B4 30, Lekki Wives, Friends, Tarima, Enter the Claxton, Closure, Behind the smile, Case file, Flower girl, In God's Name e.t.c.
I bet you are screaming wow seeing all he has achieved in less than 2 years in the industry...He is sure destined for stardom and he is moving very fast to the top...I bet next year his name and face would be everywhere so get used to it already...Wink.


On set for Hunt for Diamond Joe

Paul as Mr. Claude and his Bodyguard 

On the set of Case File

Enter the Claxton a short film 

Shooting TARIMA

On set for B4 30

Paul playing the role of an extremely rich man in B4 30

b4 30's set

shooting IN GOD'S NAME
On set for LEKKI WIVES

on set for IN GOD'S NAME
Paul doing what he knows how to do best in the movie IN GOD'S NAME

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