Friday, 21 December 2012

Meet Sotonye Green...Sexy diva and Excellent Actress...

Sotonye Green is a sexy Actress that hails from Rivers State. She is a Mass Communication graduate from The Igbinedion University.
This sexy diva has been in the industry for 5 years and has featured in a lot of soaps and movies like Bachelors, About 2 Wed, Eldorado, 2 Sides of a Coin, T-bus show, No1 Player, ZR7, King Solomon and Queen of Sheeba, Blood in the Lagoon, Private Lies just to mention but a few.
Sotonye apart from the fact that she is one of the sexiest actress in Nigeria at the moment is also an excellent actress that rids herself of her beauty and is always ready to deliver and take on any role she is offered. She can swim, dance and sing. She can play any age range and loves her job with a passion.

Sotonye Green


  1. She is indeed a beauty to behold and a wonderful actress,keep up the good work sotonye

  2. Keep up d good work girl,I've seen u in the t-bus show and u did a great job