Monday, 17 December 2012

JAB Next Rated Nollywood Star...ANI IYOHO

JAB (JudithAuduBlog) Next Rated Nollywood Star of the Week: ANI IYOHO

Ani Iyoho hails from Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. He became a registered member of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Lagos Chapter (AGN) in 2004, he has since featured in several movies, TV series and worked with top-notch producers and directors.
Ani is an extremely talented actor that has the capability to wear whatever role he is playing and totally drop any trace of himself. I have seen him do this several times and i always marvel when  he gets into character, his mannerism changes, he talks differently, walks and behave differently with each new character he gets, that i always applaud him for.
He is an Actor that loves what he does and goes the extra mile to prove it, he is a good stunt man and has trained himself in certain skills to make him stand out from other actors: he is a black belt holder in Karate, he swims like a fish (lol), he sings and can mimic some local Nigerian and international accents perfectly.
Ani no doubt is taking over center stage in 2013 because of the rare impeccable and outstanding acting skills he posses so better watch out and get used to the name and face of your next Nollywood Star...

PROFESSION: Actor,Voice Over Artist and CEO Lamb Entertainment.
FILMOGRAPHY: Movies: Mystery Beads, J.U.D.E, Chase, 4 Crooks and a Rookie, Made in Nigeria - The Consultant, Between two Worlds, Golden Jewel, Enslaved e.t.c
Series: Echoes, Lekki Wives, Bonding Duty, Adam's Apple, Tinsel, Doctor Quarters e.t.c
Radio Drama: Don't Spread The Virus.
TWITTER: @ani_iyoho


  1. All very true. Amazing guy.

  2. Essien Francis Uduak17 December 2012 at 04:17

    Tip of the Iceberg...You should know Him like I do...A Hero, I'd say!!

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