Tuesday, 4 September 2012

African Film Development Foundation Project (AFDFP)

Hello guys, today i would like to talk about something that affects me directly because it is about the industry where i earn a living from and i support any movement that is forged to make it move higher, gives us the opportunity to get funds to be able to shoot world standard movies, educates and showcases African culture to a larger audience.
Mykel Parish Ajaere DGN, is the President of this wonderful foundation, he and the other members of this group have been working relentlessly to take this foundation to the next level and are presently in Cameroon, where  a scriptwriting workshop/seminar is taking place,  the next one will hold in Monrovia,Liberia on the 25th of September 2012, and the theme would be - Culture and Creativity- Harnessing Talents, Capital and Enterprise for African Film Practice and Industry.
The African Film Development Foundation Project was established in May 2012 in response to the need to promote ventures by Africans in the Film Industry; and support stakeholders and organizations that make the films.
The motivation was spawned by the lack of accessible funding and resource structure that should help the African filmmaker realize true African stories from Africa's perspective. It will be a convergence of education, skills and arenas to expose the talented, budding and seasoned Africans in the business of film.
The Film Development Foundation Project will also enable a global collection and exhibition of African films in all genres at events and special seasons to create dynamism for African film business by engaging various and diverse audiences throughout and beyond Africa.

The Mission of this organization includes  
  • The development and upgrades skills in the art, craft, technology and theatrical experience of African contemporary and historical film experience back-dropped on the continent's creative and cultural heritage. 
  • Organizing seminar/workshop expositions on the study of relevant African historical elements, aesthetics and practices of film making and distribution throughout the listed regions; and elsewhere. 
  • Promoting the exhibition of African films and objects for education and research to enrich and benefit the continent's film industry by aiding and/or endorsing the preservation of its films by supporting public screenings.
  • Ensuring cultural diversity in the programming of the above events and activities in consultation with major distribution networks.
Several stakeholders from Ten African countries (Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroun, Sierra Leon, Liberia, South Africa, Namibia, Morocco, Kenya, Zambia ,The Gambia and Ethiopia) have already signed onto The African Film Consortium and still counting.
Let us all support and encourage this new movement for its success is our success.

President and Founder of the Foundation

 Efefiong Udo Akpan-Resource Person speaking at the workshop
Mohammed Akan. The Consulate General of Nigeria to Cameroon speaking at The African Film Consortium Seminar,Cameroon.

You can like their page on facebook 'The African Film Consortium' to constantly have updates of their latest happenings and events and also read more about them on www.theafricanfilmconsortium.org.


  1. It was an eye opener with possibilities of growing the Cameroonian Film Industry. My advice is Cameroon should not rush into calling itself CAMWOOD, but should concentrate on beaming Africa and African identity to the world. They could make the same mistake other so called WOODs made!

  2. This is an innovation worth smiling about and an idea that will definitely raise stakes and improve quality for the African film industry. Good job on this Team.